Last week I entered the dread zone, the disconsolate, nerve-wracking interval between a novel’s last edit and its first publication. How best should a writer pass this seemingly never-ending stretch of time? The obvious solution would be simply to write. But as my second novel Layla goes off to press, I’m too tired from the all-consuming editing process, […]

Psst. Want to know a secret? Okay, Friday night is probably not the best time for a confessional, it being the traditional night of making merry, but I bet loads of writers are still hammering away at the keyboard, albeit with a Friday night prop, like me, currently typing with a gin in hand. (It’s […]

So, last week I had my first bash at a blog post and was pleased with the response from fellow bloggers and writers. My friend Tilly was more equivocal, telling me I should imbue the blog with more of my personality, in other words that I should sound off more. Oh Tilly, just you wait, […]

For ages I’ve been keen to write a blog of interest to fellow writers, to readers and booklovers alike. But what to write it on? Inspiration has been lacking. I’d like the words I write to inspire and inform, not to be immediately consigned to that big unread blogyard in the virtual sky. And just […]